Totally Mental

Welcome to Totally Mental with Atalja & Andrea, where mental health is our focus.

In a world where so many people feel alone, escaping reality using different methods. Struggling to find help in a system that needs to change. Atalja & Andrea has a desire to help others to be healed, not just treated. They have both become deeply familiar with the darkness and found their way out of it. Everything they have seen, learned and experienced throughout this journey, they will now share.

Come join us live every Thursday where we will answer your questions, and hopefully guide you in the right direction.


About Andrea:

Just by the power of being human, we share so much. For me, it was a long and unreal journey into the dark. With system failure already in child and adolescent psychiatry, I had to cope with primary school without the follow-up most children and young people receive today. In fact, I lived much of my adult life, without understanding myself or my diagnosis. It was not until I fell completely into the black well and tried to take my own life, that psychiatry came on the scene. A desire to help both myself and others - to be healed, not just treated - was fortunately so strong that I began my own journey in parallel with the treatment. I therefore started, among other things, the podcast "Helt mental", where I invited experts on various topics, individuals and celebrities, who have contributed valuable and personal stories. And now this has become Totally Mental with my loving friend, Atalja. By following my intuition in addition to the treatment, two things happened: I both became familiar with the darkness and found the way out of it. Everything I have seen, learned and experienced, I will now share. It is a journey that is about not only healing, but about flourishing. And it's a journey that might have been your journey, or that touches you - no matter where you are in life.


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