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Welcome to Totally Mental with Atalja & Andrea, where mental health is our focus.

In a world where so many people feel alone, escaping reality using different methods. Struggling to find help in a system that needs to change. Atalja & Andrea has a desire to help others to be healed, not just treated. They have both become deeply familiar with the darkness and found their way out of it. Everything they have seen, learned and experienced throughout this journey, they will now share.

Come join us live every Thursday where we will answer your questions, and hopefully guide you in the right direction.

Helt Mental⎮#55⎮Hakeslepp

September 30th, 2020

Happy endings, dobesøk, hvordan jeg ble lykkelig igjen og menneskers kamp mot mørkere tanker... Dypt seriøst og grenseløst fjasete på samme tid. Dagens episode er fra jeg gjestet podcasten Hakeslepp.

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